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Alegre Ramos: Badass on Purpose!

It’s Sunday morning and a miracle is taking place; I’m driving in my car before 8 am and it’s not a school day. I’m heading to Alegre Ramos’ home. She is my dear friend, and this is the only time she has available for our interview before she hops on a jet later today. As I swing a left on to her quiet street I immediately become aware of a petite woman hustling down the sidewalk. She looks like she means business as she stops short to yank a water hose up and begins spraying the curbside lawn. It’s Alegre. My first thought is, “Of course, it’s Alegre!” My second thought is, “She found time to water the lawn this...
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5 Ways to Sport Pink This Fall

For some reason, pink has become one of my favorite colors. I pride myself on being a tomboy and pink was always too girly-girly for me.  Or so I thought!  Recently I purchased a home and to my Recently I purchased a home and to my surprise, my bedroom wanted to be pink. And  I say wanted because I always wait to let the walls tell me what color they would like to be.  (I hope someone else out there can relate to this. Lol.)  I found the warmest pink that is reminiscent of an art deco boudoir. I also purchased some amazing pink velvet curtains for the living room. They look perfect against the muted lavender walls there. So...
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