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5 Ways to Sport Pink This Fall

For some reason, pink has become one of my favorite colors. I pride myself on being a tomboy and pink was always too girly-girly for me.  Or so I thought!  Recently I purchased a home and to my

Recently I purchased a home and to my surprise, my bedroom wanted to be pink. And  I say wanted because I always wait to let the walls tell me what color they would like to be.  (I hope someone else out there can relate to this. Lol.)  I found the warmest pink that is reminiscent of an art deco boudoir. I also purchased some amazing pink velvet curtains for the living room. They look perfect against the muted lavender walls there.

So now that it’s fall must we let go of pink; a color usually associated with spring and summer? Let's not!

Below are five fun, fashionable ways to hang the heck on to pink this fall.

ONE. Cozy Sweater and Jeans

J. Crew is on to something this fall with this comfy oversized sweater and slim crop stretch pant. I wore the gray pair on an episode of Criminal Minds recently and they are super comfortable. (You can catch me on that episode November 15th.)



TWO. Pink Velvet Kicks

How about a pair of vegan velvet slip-ons. Velvet is huge this season. And what better way to incorporate pink and the velvet trend? This pink sneaker dresses up and down. And what’s even better; this smoky pink is a wonderful neutral. 


This Ulla Johnson suede is casual lux. Cool with a long maxi skirt or bootleg jean. 
Feeling a bit more girly? Dress up a legging or compliment your favorite pencil skirt with this velvet, Steve Madden, ankle strap heel. 


THREE & FOUR. Something Pink for Your Wrist

For a peek of pink go for this Patek Philippe watch in a raspberry pink. 
Or try a bold bangle in pink. This is my personal lucite bangle. I mix it with silver or gold depending on my mood.


FIVE. Rock Some Pink Tights!



You can’t get any fresher than rocking a pink tight with your favorite fall mini. Courtney’s tights are Gucci. But if you’re like me, you’ll end up in Target or on Amazon before you find yourself shopping at Gucci. (Not that it won’t happen but let’s get the kids through college first!) So check out these I found on Amazon. 


What are some ways you'll be rocking pink this fall? Inspire us!

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