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She Is A Spark


So you are the Queen that is always starting something. You are that spark that gets others excited and galvanized to make positive change in the world. Your leadership and vision is much appreciated and of great value. Thank you! The She Is A Spark Regal Wrap™ is a made of super stretchy cotton knit blend.  It's comfortable and pre-tied for your convenience. Choose between a full or half style.

Every Regal Wrap™ is pre-tied and permantly secured for you.  They take only 5 seconds to put on.  You wear them and store them as you would a hat.  Spot clean to care.

When you purchase a Regal Wrap™ you have the opportunity to save $20 on future purchases when you leave a photo review of you wearing your lastest Regal Wrap.  We'll send you an email 10 days after your wrap ships to qualify.


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