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Empress Dorothea


Dorothea means a gift from God. We all are. How wonderful it is to know that we come here to earth with a special calling. It’s amazing to think that we are a gift to humanity. Never stop seeking to fulfill your calling. Only you can manifest that special thing. This happy wrap is 100% cotton and is pre-tied, secured and ready-to-wear!

Every Regal Wrap™ is pre-tied and permantly secured for you.  They only take 5 seconds to put on.  You wear them and store them as you would a hat.  Spot clean to care.

When you purchase a Regal Wrap™ you have the opportunity to save $20 on future purchases when you leave a photo review of you wearing your lastest Regal Wrap.  We'll send you an email 10 days after your wrap ships to qualify.

 Sizing  Chart
XS 21 - 21.5"
SM 22 - 22.5"
MED 23 - 23.5"

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